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Custom Fields

Custom user fields are used to store additional information about users.
Order - These buttons can be used to select the display order of the User Fields 

Create User Field - This button brings you to a form for adding a field to the user information

Edit User Field - A custom user field's Name is a link to the editing form

The following options are available for creating or editing custom user fields:

Name - (Required) Assign a name to the custom user field.  This will be displayed

Type - (Required) Indicates the type of value this field will hold and what type of input will be presented.

  • String - Open text box.
  • Boolean - Check box.
  • DateTime - Text box will display date and/or time format.
  • Decimal - Text box will display a decimal format.
  • Enum - Enumeration provides a set of named values. More than two values will be displayed as a dropdown selector.
  • Int - Text box will display a whole number (integer) format.

Required - If 'required' is selected, users will be required to provide a value for the field.  This requirement will also affect the 'Admin > Edit User' page.

Default Value - (Optional) Specifies a default value when the field is initially displayed to the user.

Example: A "favorite color" field may have a default value of 'red', with other colors available in a dropdown list.

Deferred -When checked, the custom field will not be displayed on the registration form.

Note: The field will still be displayed on the 'My Account > Details" and "Admin Control Panel > Edit User' views.

Display Order - (Required) A numerical value which specifies the order to display this field relative to other custom user fields.

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