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Edit Category Detail

This section provides options to select which listing types and custom fields are available for listings in a specific category.

Editing 'Listing Types' will change which listing types may be selected by the seller when a new listing is created in this category.

To change the available 'Listing Types', you may 'Assign' or 'Unassign' them to the category you are working with:
  1. Select the listing type you wish to change.
  2. To assign it, click 'Assign'.
  3. To unassign it click 'Unassign'.
Note: Only enabled listing types will appear in the listing options box.  For more information see Listings > General.
Note: Listing types can only be assigned to and unassigned from leaf-level categories.
To add or remove 'Custom Fields':
  1. Select the custom field wish to change.
  2. To assign it click '>>'.
  3. To remove it click '<<'.
Note: When making changes to child categories, the same setting will apply as the was applied to the parent setting, however after the listing is made, changes will not be inherited when the parent category is edited.
Example: Any number of Custom Fields may be defined for listings and user accounts. Clothing listing fields: The leaf that may be assigned for Clothing & Shoes > Girls > Size 5 > Overalls is Overalls.

Apply Changes to sub categories -
When checked, changes made will apply to all descendant categories.

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