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Settings in this section should normally be configured immediately after installation. They control the most basic functions and details of the entire website.

Enable Regions - When checked region category links are displayed on the home page, and the "Regions" input section is displayed when creating new listings.

Legal Site Name - Appears in the footer copyright.

Friendly Site Name - Appears in page titles, various website references, and may be auto-generated on documents; such as invoices.

Time Zone Offset - Set this number to a positive or negative integer value to offset the current system time.  The correct offset will depend on the relative web server location.

Example: If the site is hosted on a server in California, but the business is an east coast operation, then set this value to -3.

Processing Enabled - When checked the scheduler will start, end and close listings, and refresh fees owed by users of the site. If the site administrator wants to 'pause' automated processing of the site this option may be unchecked.

User Messaging Enabled - When checked users are allowed to message other users, otherwise no such options appear.

Feedback Enabled - When checked feedback may be left for users by other users, otherwise feedback isn't shown.

URL - Determines what links throughout the site begin with.  For this setting, you will need to enter the full URL just like you would enter from your web browser to get to your website. If you are installing the website in your web root, you will not need to add a sub-directory at the end.


Secure URL (SSL URL) - Determines what links to sensitive pages throughout the site begin with. If you have an SSL certificate installed and a  secure URL pointing to the same files on the server, you will enter the secure website address here. If you do not have a secure URL, use the same URL as for 'URL' above.

Require Authentication - When checked users will not be able to view listings, etc without first signing in.

Verify User Email - When checked a confirmation email with a randomly generated code and instructions is sent to all newly registered users. New users will not be able to sign in until this code has been entered, proving they have provided a valid email address.

User Approval Required - When checked, all new user registrations will require manual approval before the user will be able to use the website services.

Require Credit Card on Registration - When checked the user will be required to enter their credit card information during the registration process.

Site Title - Used as the standard prefix for all page titles (the title displayed in the title bar of most web browsers).

META Keywords - Used as standard keywords included in the head section of all pages. These are used by search engines for ranking your site.

META Description – Used as the standard description included in the head section of all pages.  This is used by search engines when displaying search results containing a link to your site.

Note: Not all search engines support META Keywords.

Show Bid History User Names - When checked, usernames are displayed in listing purchase or bid history pages.

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