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Site Fee Invoice

Invoice details can be adjusted and emailed on this page.

The Administrator contact information appears at the top of the page. The billing information, to whom the bill will be sent, appears on the upper right side of the page. Below this the total of the invoice appears. The Admin control panel allows the user to Debit, Credit and Remove line items.

To debit or credit an account on an invoice:

  1. Enter the 'Type' of transaction in the 'Add New' field.
  2. Choose from the following common options or create your own.
    • Listing Subtitle
    • First Image Fee
    • Post Listing Fee
    • Featured - Featured Listing
    • Bold - Bold ID & Title
    • Final % Fee
    • Enter the amount
  3. Select Credit or Debit.
  4. Click the 'Add New' tab to the left of the fields.
  5. Your update will appear as the last line item on the invoice.


To remove line items from an invoice:

  1. Scroll to the line item.
  2. Click the 'Remove' tab to the right of the line item.
  3. The item will be removed.


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