Frequently Asked Questions

AuctionWorx Enterprise

Q: Can the website be translated into my own language?
A: Yes. AuctionWorx Enterprise supports changing the static website text by editing language resource files. We do not offer actual translation services so it will be up to you to translate the language text from English to your target language(s).
The date, time, and currency formatting can be configured from the Admin Control Panel.
Q: Can I use Google Analytics with AuctionWorx?
A: Yes. Google will provide you with a code snippet to link your website to the Google Analytic service. This code can be copied and pasted directly into the Admin Control Panel > Content - "Footer Scripts" section.
Q: Can I add videos to my listings?
A: You can add an existing YouTube video to your listing which is embedded just above the description area.
Q: I use a MAC computer. Can I still use this software?
A: The software is essentially a website/web application that will need to be installed on a web server. After it is installed it will look and function very similar to what you see in our online demo. Nothing directly related to our software will need to be installed on your personal computer; you can access and configure your website with your Mac using a web browser such as Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.
Q: Can I allow other people to sell on my website?
A: Yes. By default, all registered users can buy and sell. If you prefer to not allow this then there are configuration options in the Admin Control Panel to remove access to seller options for regular users.
Q: Can I be the only one allowed to sell on my website?
A: Yes. From the Admin Control Panel, you have the option to allow or disallow registered users to create listings or access to seller related functions.
Q: Can I upload my own logo easily?
A: Yes. The logo you see in our online demo is for display purposes only. You will be able to upload your own logo and modify the content to brand the software for your business.
Q: What if I do not need all of the categories that I see in the online demo?
A: The categories that you see in the online demo are meant to be for demo purposes only. You will have web-based admin access to create your own category structure.


Q: What if I don't already have web hosting or a compatible server?
A: We offer hosting that meets all of the requirements to run our web applications.
Q: Can I purchase a domain name through you?
A: Unfortunately we are not a domain name registrar, you will need to order a domain name seperately from any domain registration service. As part of the hosting order process, we will provide you with our DNS for you to point your domain name over to your hosting account with us.
Q: I registered my domain name, but I do not see my hosted website.
A: There is one more step to complete after registering your domain name. Within your domain name settings (from the website you purchased your domain name) there will be the option to set custom domain name servers (DNS). Changing these to the following values will point your domain name to our web hosting services:


Once these values are updated, please allow up to 48 hours for the changes to propagate worldwide.
Q: Can I host my website with RainWorx, but keep my existing email service?
A: Yes. Your current email provider will be able to supply you with their MX Records. Send us these MX record values, along with your contact information, as a support request and your existing email service will remain unchanged.
Q: Do I need an SSL Certificate?
A: Using an SSL Certificate to encrypt sensitive user data in transit (such as usernames and passwords) is good a security practice. But, unless you will be accepting credit card data directly through the software systems, an SSL certificate is not required.

If you are hosted with us and need a certificate signing request (CSR) issued, please send us a support request.


Q: Will you install the software for me?
A: Yes. Installation of the software is included as part of your 1st year of support and upgrades plan.
  • If you have your own server or hosting with another company then please verify that all of the server requirements are met.
  • If you also ordered hosting with us then we should have everything we need to get started.
Q: What is your refund policy?
A: RainWorx Software reserves the final decision on all refund requests. Custom programming fees are not refundable. Please refer to the license agreement for full details on warranty and refund information.
Q: Do I need to purchase a separate license to run more than one website?
A: Each license allows for only a single installation. Additional licenses are available at a discount. Please contact sales for more details.
Q: How do I get access to Authorize.Net for accepting credit cards?
A: You will need to apply for the service separately for your business. We recommend the following reseller:
Q: Can I accept credit card payments if I only use PayPal?
A: You can accept credit cards through the standard PayPal service if you have a PayPal ”Premier” or “Business” account. If using PayPal’s standard service for collecting payments, credit card information will not be collected through the software and all transactions are redirected to the PayPal website. Automatic payments or batch charges are not available when using PayPal.
Q: Is rwAuction Pro still available?
A: rwAuction Pro is no longer being sold, although we are still supporting existing customers. If you are an existing rwAuction Pro customer and need assistance please contact support.