Moving Physical Image Location

This page describes how to adjust the physical path the software uses to reference Listing Images.

If you need to move images to another physical location, such as a larger drive on your server, or if you migrate from one web hosting provider to another, also run the following SQL script to update the media information in your database with this change:

declare @oldPath nvarchar(1000) = N'file:///e:/inetpub/datastreet/Content/listingImages'
declare @newPath nvarchar(1000) = N'file:///X:/My/New/Path/Content/listingImages'
update RWX_MediaMetaData set Value = replace(Value, @oldPath, @newPath) where
Name=N'PhysicalURI' and Value like @oldPath + N'%'

This allows the original image files to be referenced when performing operations after the migration/image move. These include, being able to rotate images while editing a Listing and cloning media when “Listing Similar” listings.