rwAuction Pro

Although we are no longer licensing this product, all rwAuction Pro customers can still access limited support services.
Below you will find a comprehensive list of similarities and differences between our flagship product, AuctionWorx Enterprise, and our legacy application, rwAuction Pro.
Configuration AuctionWorx Enterprise 2.0 rwAuction Pro 7.0
The following configuration options are for website owner / site administrator use. These settings allow you to configure the software to better suit your business model.
Multiple Sellers
Single Seller
Add Logo Image Full and Mobile
Private Mode - Only Registered And Logged In Users Can View Listings
Seller Listing Fees (Optional)
Buyer’s Premium (Payable to Seller) % Fee % Fee
Buyer Final Fees (Payable to Website) % or Flat Fee % Fee
Pay-To-Proceed (Require Fee Payment Before Listings Activate)
Membership Subscriptions
Unlimited Categories
Unlimited Sub-Categories Up to 6 levels of Categories
Unlimited Regions
Unlimited Sub-Regions Up to 4 levels of Regions
Show Category Item Counts Show or Hide Item Counts
Hide Empty Categories
Custom Bidding Increments
Proxy Bidding (Enabled or Disabled)
Template with Banner Ad Locations Top, Left Side, and Bottom Top and Right Side
Banner Allocation by Category
Banner Allocation By Region
Custom Item Fields (Product Attributes)
Custom User Fields (User Account Attributes)
Supports SSL
Content Management System for Informational Pages
Content Management System for Multilingual Informational Pages
Custom Content For Each Category
Email Templates Translatable for Multi-Language Website Single Language Templates
Email Template Editor In Admin Control Panel
Dynamic META Data
META Data by Category Keywords, Title, & Description
Server Time Zone Offset
Registration Email Verification
Automatic Registration (No Email Verification)
Require Credit Card To Register
Toggle Available Listing Upgrades
(Highlight, Badge, Bold)
Country Management for Addresses / Restrictions


Listing Options AuctionWorx Enterprise 2.0 rwAuction Pro 7.0
The listing options control the sales formats and how the item / listing information is presented to buyers.
Auction Listings
Fixed Price Listings
Classified Ads
RFQ Listings
Reverse Auctions
Dutch Auctions
Trade Listings
Custom Fixed Durations
Start/End Date/Time Selector
Good ‘Til Cancelled (Infinite Duration) Fixed Price and Classified Ads
YouTube Video Support
Listing Description Editor
Multiple Product Images
Image Uploading Asynchronous (HTML5) Synchronous (Browser Based)
Image Thumbnail Generation
Image Rotation
“Featured” Listings
Listing Badge
Sales Tax Options
Flat Fee Shipping Options
AuctionINC Shipping Calculator API
Offline Payments – Manually Edit Invoice


User Experience AuctionWorx Enterprise 2.0 rwAuction Pro 7.0
These features enhance the user experience when interacting with the website.
Email Address Verification
Watch List
Transaction Feedback Rating 1-5 Star Rating Positive, Negative, Neutral
Transaction Feedback Comment
Internal Messaging System
Contact Site Form
Listing Q/A
Seller Storefront Display
Live Listing Pricing Updates via AJAX On Listing Detail Page
Touch-Enabled Image Viewer On Listing Detail Page
Title & Description Search
Advanced Search Options
Browse / Filter by Category and Region
Breadcrumb Category Trail
Password Recovery Unique Reset Key by Email
Address Book Store Multiple Shipping Addresses
Add Comments to Sales Invoices
Printable Invoices
Item Page View Count Image Based Counter
Archive Sales
Bulk Relist Unsold Listings
Automatic Relist of Unsold Listings
Reserve Pricing


Administration AuctionWorx Enterprise 2.0 rwAuction Pro 7.0
Administrative tools for general management and providing customer service to your clients.
User Impersonation
(Administration Support View)
Extend Listing End Time Site-Wide and Individual Listings
Bid Audit
Bid Rollback
Bid Deletion
Export User Data
Site Fee Invoices
CSV Listing Import Administration Only Administration Only
Role-Based Permissions
Batch Invoice Processing
(Merchant Gateway Service Required)
Scheduled Fee Invoice Processing Manual Fee Invoice Processing
Sales Transaction Report CSV Export CSV Export
Listing Fee Revenue Report CSV Export


Technology AuctionWorx Enterprise 2.0 rwAuction Pro 7.0
ASP.NET 4.5.1
Microsoft MVC 5
Microsoft WCF
Razor 2
Bootstrap 3 Framework
jQuery & jQuery UI
Load-Balanced Environment Support
Microsoft Azure Support
SQL Server 2008/2012 +
Classic ASP
Load-Balanced Environment Support
Database Level Paging
Search Engine Friendly URLs
Language Resource Files Static Text Translations
Stored in Database
Responsive Design Optimized for Mobile Devices