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This section provides settings specific to the 'Classified' listing type.

Enabled - When checked, the 'Classified' listing format option is available when creating new listings.

Listing Duration Options - Determines how the seller can specify the end date for their listings.  The following options are available:


  • Duration Only - When creating new listings the seller will be able to select how many days until the listing will close. See also 'Duration Days List'.
  • End Only - When creating new listings the seller will be able to specify the date and time when the listing will close.

Duration Days List - Enter the number of 'day' options to be presented to sellers for their listings. This option will only be available if 'Duration Only' is selected in the 'Listing Duration Options'.

Example: 10, 30, 60

Allow Sellers to Edit Duration - 
When checked, Sellers can edit the end date or the duration of any Classified listing.

Enable Good 'Til Canceled - When checked the seller has the option to have their listing remain open until manually canceled

Enable Shipping - When checked sellers may specify shipping cost details when creating or editing listings.

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