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Settings in this section control various aesthetic aspects of the website.

Show Seller Location on Listing Details - When checked the seller's City, State/Region and Country from their Primary Address will be displayed on their listings

Max Results Per Page - Controls the number of results you want to appear on each page.

Note: The default value is 25

Max Home Page Featured - Controls the number of featured items you want to appear on the home page.

Note: The default value is 16

Show Category Counts - When checked a count of how many active listings exist under each category (including all subcategories) is displayed in parenthesis next to the category name on pages that contain a category navigation section.

Show Zero Count Categories - When checked category navigation sections will include all categories in the tier, regardless if they contain any active listings.  If not checked, only categories with at least one listing under them will be displayed in category navigation sections.  This option is essentially used to hide links to empty categories.

Show Seller On Listing Row - When checked the seller's username is displayed below the listing title and subtitle when displayed in search result lists, etc.

Display Listing Type Name - When checked the listing type will be displayed on the Listing Detail page and on the Listing Results page for both Browse and Search.

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