AuctionWorx Enterprise - Features

Auction Listings

The standard auction is used to sell goods or services to the highest bidder.

Sellers can also elect to set a “reserve” price, which will guarantee that their item will not be sold unless this minimum requested price is met, and a “buy now” price which allows buyers to bypass bidding altogether and purchase the item outright.

online auction software main feature
Fixed Price Listings

Unlike auction listings, fixed price listings can be created for large quantities of identical items and buyers can select the number of items that they would like to purchase ~ similar to a standard online store.

fixed price sales
Classified Listings

Best for advertising goods or promoting services, Classified Ads promote communication between interested parties; but no transactions (bidding, buying, or payments) are managed through the website. Unlike traditional classified ads, online classified ads benefit from the addition of images, video, and internal messages.

create your own online classifieds or directory website
Single Seller or Multiple Vendors

One of the most important configuration options within AuctionWorx Enterprise is the ability to either restrict or allow outside third party sellers. The software can be run as a privately branded business or as an open marketplace where all registered users can create listings.

single seller or multiple sellers
Sales Invoices

Purchase and Sales invoices are available for the buyers and sellers. Sellers have the option to assign flat shipping fee options to their listings along with applicable sales taxes. If multiple items are purchased from the same seller (with the same payment and shipping options) they can all be added to a single invoice.

Sales Invoices
Custom Field Attributes

You can add different field attributes to listings including dropdown selections. Custom item fields can be available when posting a new listing, displayed on the listing detail page, and become additional search options under the Advanced Search area.

Custom Field Attributes
Multiple Languages and Currencies

AuctionWorx Enterprise supports changing all of the English static website text to your target language(s) by editing the language resource files. The available currencies and formatting options can be configured from the Admin Control Panel as well.

Multiple Languages and Currencies
Web-based Administration

Many configuration options can be changed through the Admin Control Panel, without any programming or code changes. Examples include: Adding your Logo, Editing Categories, Enabling or disabling built-in Listing Types, Adding HTML content to specific website areas, and much more.

Web-based Admin Control Panel
Developer API

AuctionWorx Enterprise is built on .NET 4.5.1 MVC 5 (C#). The source code to the MVC project, views, and controller code is included which allows a web developer to change any aspect of the presentation layer. Existing functionality can be extended by implementing different provider modules or making API calls.

Developer API - Extend Auction Software
Complete Auction Website
  • Multiple Sellers mode -
  • Charge listing and sale fees
  • Single Seller mode -
  • List your own products
  • Mobile-friendly Responsive Design
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • ASP.NET 4.5.1 (C#)
  • MVC 5 / Razor 2
  • Bootstrap 3 front-end framework
  • jQuery JavaScript Library
  • Microsoft WCF
  • Web API 2
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012
  • Registration
  • Feedback
  • Custom User Fields
  • My Account Buyer/Seller Controls
  • Internal Messaging System
  • New Message Indicator
  • Contact Support
Ecommerce Functions
  • Sales Invoicing with checkout options
  • Credit Card Payments
  • PayPal Payments
  • Flat rate shipping options
  • Additional item shipping cost
  • Sales Tax
  • Taxable shipping option
  • Buyer's Premium option
  • Print Invoice
  • Bulk generate sales invoices
Browse and Search
  • Categories
  • Regions
  • Advanced Search
  • View Seller's Other Listings
Developers and Customization
  • Developer API with example code
  • Web Services (Web API 2)
  • HTML5/CSS3 responsive design
  • Extend using Provider model
  • N-tier application architecture
  • Accounting Service
  • Common Service
  • Listing Service
  • Notification Service
  • Scheduler Service
  • Site Service
  • User Service
  • SSL support
  • Encryption (3DES)
  • Microsoft AntiXSS
  • External authentication through Membership Provider
  • Forgot Password Reset
  • Impersonate User (Admin Function)
  • Role based permissions
  • Require Admin Approval (Optional)
  • Require Authentication to access website (Optional)
  • Email Verification System
  • Event Logs
Site Control
  • Web-based Site Administration
  • CMS - Site Content HTML Editor
  • CMS - Social media content
  • CMS - Footer and Header Scripts
  • CMS - File Not Found (404) page
  • Users - Edit and Assign Roles
  • Users - CSV Export
  • Category Management
  • Banner Ad system
  • Email notifications with templates
  • Reports - Sales Transactions
  • Reports - Listing Fees
  • Automatic Batch Payments
  • Bulk Upload Listings (CSV)
  • Custom Field Permissions: View/Edit
  • Upload Site Logo and Mobile Logo
  • Delete old listing data (Optional)
Listing Formats
  • Standard Auctions
  • Fixed Price Sales
  • Classified Ads
  • Allow listing formats by category
Auction Features
  • Proxy Bidding
  • Reserve Price
  • Buy Now
  • Auto-extend (Sniper Protection)
  • Configurable Bid Increments
  • Auto Relist
Listing Options
  • Multiple Image Uploads (HTML5)
  • Custom Listing Fields
  • YouTube Video Support
  • Bulk Relist
  • Featured and Decoration Options
  • Add to Watch List
  • Price Field Updates via AJAX
  • Good 'Til Cancelled (GTC)
  • Specify End Date/Time
  • Schedule Listing Start Date/Time
  • Lightbox Image Viewer
  • Rotate Image Tool
Localization Support
  • Multiple Language support
  • Multiple Currency support
  • Server Time Zone Offset
  • Support for load-balanced environments
  • Microsoft Azure support *
  • Database level paging
  • Caching
  • Clean, semantic HTML
  • Friendly URLs
  • Sitemap
  • Dynamic Meta Keywords
  • Dynamic Meta Description
  • Custom Meta tags for Categories
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