AuctionWorx Enterprise - What's New?

Quick Bid

Quick Bid

A great new way for bidders to quickly bid up an item! The quick bid amount will always be the next minimum bid allowed.

Event Log Filters and Search

Improved Event Log with filters and search

The internal event logs can now be filtered or searched to audit transactions by bidder, listing, and more.

Large Bid Confirmation

Large Bid Confirmation

To help prevent bidders entering higher bids than they intended, this will have them confirm the amount just in case.

New Email Notifications

Email Notifications for Paid Sales Invoices

Configurable emails are now sent out to a buyer and seller when sales invoices are confirmed paid.

Tax Options

More Tax Options

An item can be set as Taxable per listing, and options to allow Buyers Premium to be taxable.

Realtime Updates and Performance

Realtime Updates and Improvements

Streaming data updates added to Watch List, and Active Bidding area. Bidding and updates faster than ever.


Make Offer

Choose to accept offers from buyers to complete a sale, or counteroffer to continue the negotation.

Facebook authentication

Facebook Authentication

Allow users to login with their Facebook account for authentication.



New Payment Service option for accepting credit cards with Stripe Connect API integration.

Full Support for Azure SQL and Service Bus

Azure SQL and Service Bus Support

Support for Azure Service Bus and Azure SQL and allows for a fully supported deployment to the Azure Cloud.

Fresh New Auction Design

Fresh New Design and Display Options

A fresh new starter design, and added a color picker and other display options.

New Admin Control Panel Redesign

Mobile-friendly Admin Redesign

Fully Responsive and mobile-friendly design of the entire backend Administration area.

Public QA Messages

Public Q&A Messages

When enabled, users can post public questions to the seller and read other publicly posted answers.

Category Specified Fees

Category Specified Fees

Enable or disable different types of fees based on top level categories.

Fixed Height Gallery

Fixed Height Gallery

A clean design update to make all gallery views uniform in size.

Allow sellers to accept credit cards

Payment Option for 3rd party sellers to accept credit cards

Using their own credit card gateway account, all sellers can now accept credit card payments from buyer, not just the site owner.

Tax Exempt User

Tax Exempt User

Mark specified users as tax exempt for sales invoices.

VAT Support

VAT Support

As an alternative to Sales Tax, a VAT rate can be applied to Sales Invoices, Site Fees, Shipping Fees, and/or Buyer's Premium.

Real-time Auction Listing Updates

Real-time Listing Data Updates

Watch new bids and prices increase in real time without needing to refresh your browser.

Upload PDF file attachments to auction listings

Upload PDF attachments to listings

Attach important documents for all prospective bidders to read or download.

Create New Content Pages

Create New Content Pages

Add new pages to your website without editing source files.

New Skin Designs

New designs

Choose from additional designs, all of which can be used as-is or as a starting point for a completely new look and feel.

New Gallery View with Dynamic Column Layout

New Gallery View

Now displays larger responsive gallery images.

Website Maintenance Mode

Website Maintenance Mode

Temporarily disable all site access and display a message to your site visitors.

Improved Sales Reporting for Sellers and Admin

Sales Report for Sellers with Data Export

View all sales transactions in one place with options to filter and export to CSV.

Listing Drafts

Listing Drafts

Create preliminary listing drafts with partial information that can be later completed.

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