AuctionWorx 3.5

New Features

Consignors and Consignments

The biggest new addition for AuctionWorx v3.5 is the much anticipated Consignment feature set -

  • Create consignors and manage as a global list or individual seller accounts

  • Automatically Generate Statements that can be adjusted, printed, emailed, and marked paid

  • Tier-based Consignor Fees: Listing Fees and Commission Fees

  • Adjust consignor fees for individual Consignors

  • Allow consignors to login and view their consignments and statements

  • Seller and Admin reports for all consignment sales

Set Allowed Bid Amounts

Require bids submitted to be whole dollar amounts without cents, Or choose the smallest currency unit allowed to be higher increments of 10, 100, or 1000.

$0.01         $1.00
New Site Fee Options

Greater backend control over the site fee feature set.

  • Create a site fee transaction for one-off payments
  • Set min and max amounts for seller final fees
  • Admin option to hide site fees menu for buyers or sellers when not using site fees

Site Fee Features
New Stripe Integration

The new Stripe Payment Intents integration is an important step to manage evolving payments regulations.

A completely rewritten Stripe payment integration that uses the Payment Intents API together with the Setup Intents and Payment Methods APIs to handle complex payment flows that trigger additional authentication steps when required.

Events Edition
Primary Auction Event

Showcase an auction event and its associated lots as the site homepage.

Events Edition
New Event Management Tools

Seller and admin tools for creating and managing auction sales -

  • Create Similar Event

    Quickly create a new auction event based on an existing one

  • Change Event Owner

    (Admin-only option) Setup events and lots with restricted logins before transferring to main sales account

  • Hidden When Closed

    New event setting will automatically set an event and associated lots to be hidden, and not searchable, after closing

  • Reset Lot Numbers

    Generate new lots numbers for all lots based on the current lot order