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July 13 2023

AuctionWorx Enterprise and AuctionWorx: Events Edition 2023 Update Rollup
Many new features, changes, and improvements have made it into AuctionWorx since the release of v3.5

Some of the new features and improvements include:

  • Enhancements to consignor statements – The ability to hide zero-value commissions or fees on statements, visibly track associated sale statuses (Paid, Unpaid, or Voided) directly on the statement, and an option to recalculate a statement based on changes in sales or fee settings
  • Quick Change Consignor - Easily resolve incorrect consignors assigned to items by changing the consignor, including on closed listings or lots
  • Customized Tax Rates - An alternative to region-based Sales Tax rates or VAT, with the ability to establish up to three custom tax rates and tax rate precision up to 1/10,000 of 1 percent
  • New Card Declined Notification - A new email notification to let the buyer know when their credit card payment for a specific sales invoice isn't successful
  • Additional Admin Configuration Options - Several new admin settings including:
  • Default time for auction start/end times
  • Credit card requirement option for buyer’s site fees
  • Printable invoice site logo inclusion
  • Toggle acceptance of PayPal for site fee payments
  • Exempt specified users from site fees
  • Alternative design layout option for listing/lot item pages

Events Edition:

  • Improved Event Management Tools - Addition of new default settings for event creation, the ability to view settings of closed events, and the option to copy or move validated lots to published events
  • Per Lot Fee Option - Sellers can now charge buyers a flat fee for each sold lot, which is added to sales invoices, offering more flexibility in pricing strategies
  • Robust Admin Controls for Event Closing - A suite of critical control features is now available for administrators, designed specifically for addressing issues during event closing for quick resolution and recovery. These include the capabilities to pause, resume, or reactivate closed events, and extend all active lots closing times in one go

Highlights on new features: www.RainWorx.com/AuctionWorx/WhatsNew35UR

For the full list in the Release Notes: www.RainWorx.com/AuctionWorx/ReleaseNotes

January 21 2022

AuctionWorx Enterprise and AuctionWorx: Events Edition New Version 3.5 Now Available!

New features include:

  • Consignment feature set – Manage Consignors, track consignments, and generate consignor statements for net proceeds
  • Set Allowed Bid Amounts - Option to require bids to be whole dollar amounts without cents
  • New Site Fee Options - Manually add new site fee transactions, set min and max seller final fees, hide site fees menu for buyers or sellers
  • Many new UI improvements with streamlined header design
  • Improved Data Maintenance functions
  • New Stripe integration with Payment Intents

Events Edition:

  • Primary Auction Event - Showcase an auction event and its associated lots as the site homepage
  • Create Similar Event - Quickly create a new auction event based on an existing one
  • Change Event Owner - Provide ability to setup events and lots with restricted logins before transferring to main sales account

For highlights on new features: www.RainWorx.com/AuctionWorx/WhatsNew35

Full Release Notes: www.RainWorx.com/AuctionWorx/ReleaseNotes

Nov 5 2021

The official release for the next version 3.5 of AuctionWorx Enterprise and AuctionWorx: Events Edition is coming soon! Just a few of the new features include:

  • Consignors and Consignments
  • Allowed Bid Amounts
  • Primary Auction Event
  • Design and frontend UI improvements
  • Completely new Stripe integration using Payment Intents
  • ... and much more!

For more information, please contact us: www.RainWorx.com/Contact

September 16 2020

More Updates for AuctionWorx Enterprise and AuctionWorx: Events Edition 2020 Update Rollup

Recent updates includes:

  • Require Credit Card for Buyers - Buyers will be redirected to enter a credit card before placing a bid or buy now
  • Auto Generate Sales Invoices - When an auction closes, all sales invoices can be automatically generated for all winning bidders
  • Auto Charge Credit Cards - Buyers with a credit card on file can be automatically charged after the sale
  • Copy Listings to Drafts and Delete Selected Draft Listings
  • Require Credit Card for Sellers - A seller must have a credit card on file before creating listings


  • Support for Active Directory authentication (LDAP)
  • Notification Provider
  • Options to include CC: or BCC: for email templates in web.config
  • Added web.config setting to disable all background threads
  • New setting in web.config to highlight checkout button for Buy Now purchases
  • New Admin option to set Newsletter Opt-In By Default
  • Taxable field for lots and listings
  • In-Process queues
  • Added web.config setting to automatically redirect buyers to checkout for Buy Now purchases

January 11 2019

AuctionWorx Enterprise and AuctionWorx: Events Edition version 3.1 R2

This latest update includes:

  • Quick Bid - One click bidding
  • Next Bid Meets Reserve - An admin-only option to turn on for active listings to drop the reserve price
  • Large Bid Confirmation - Optional setting to help prevent bidders entering higher bids than intended
  • Log Filters and Search - Internal log can now be searched to audit entries related to bidder, listing, and more
  • Realtime Updates and Performance Improvements

Events Edition:

  • Rolling Lot Updates - Option to automatically hide ended lots and display new ones during an auction closing
  • Follow Auction Live - Automatically redirects bidders to the next lot closing as each lot ends
  • Copy lots to same event and option to generate new lot numbers when copying or moving lots

For highlights on new features:www.RainWorx.com/AuctionWorx/WhatsNew31R2

January 18 2018

AuctionWorx 3.1 Delivers New Online Auction Software Features, User Authentication, and Admin UI Design

New release enables Facebook login, a fresh new design theme for the software administration control panel, and new features such as Make Offer transactions.

RainWorx Software announces the release of AuctionWorx Enterprise 3.1, the latest version of its online auction software, popular for its ease-of-use and robust feature set. AuctionWorx delivers new user authentication capabilities and much anticipated new features such as the ability to allow buyers to “make offers.”

With new capabilities for Facebook authentication, AuctionWorx now makes it easy to take advantage of the marketing potential with social media channels. Enabling visitors to sign in to the auction platform using their existing Facebook login has been proven to increase user engagement and sale conversion rates.

RainWorx has also added new Make Offer feature option for sellers to elect to receive offers from buyers. This add-on option for both Auctions and Fixed Price listings opens up the opportunity for buyers and seller to not only negotiate price but also any additional terms in the transaction. Configuration settings allow administrators to fine tune the negotiation process, including Offer Expiration hours, the option for buyers to submit more than one offer on the same item, and the option to submit an offer message.

Additional features new in AuctionWorx Enterprise 3.1 include:

  • Stripe Payment Integration: Accept credit card payments with Stripe Connect API integration
  • Complete Redesign of Admin Control Panel: Fully Responsive and mobile-friendly design refresh
  • Updated UI Design and Color Selector: Built-in display options that are accessible as standard settings within the admin control panel
  • Azure Cloud Support Improvements: Full support for Azure Service Bus as an alternative to SQL Service Broker enables a clean Azure deployment including full support for SQL Azure

AuctionWorx 3.1 is available right now. For more details, please visit: www.RainWorx.com/AuctionWorx/WhatsNew31

About RainWorx Software:

RainWorx Software is a global leader in auction web application development, empowering businesses and organizations to build powerful and user-friendly online auction websites. With offerings spanning hosted, on-premise or the cloud, RainWorx empowers businesses worldwide.

December 19 2017

AuctionWorx 3.1 Release is now available!

The latest update includes:

  • Make Offer - The long-awaited “Make Offer” feature is now available. This option can be enabled for Auctions and/or Fixed Price listings.
  • Facebook Authentication - Enable users to login using their Facebook account.
  • Azure SQL and Service Bus support - Full support for using Azure Service Bus instead of SQL Service Broker, Azure SQL is completely supported now.
  • New design and Color Selector - Themes have been replaced with a fresh updated design, and added a color picker instead of a theme dropdown, easily change the primary site color from the default.
  • Administration Redesign - Fully Responsive and mobile-friendly design of the entire backend Administration area.
  • Stripe Connect - Stripe Connect service integration as an alternative to accepting credit card payments.

For a complete list of changes, please visit: www.RainWorx.com/AuctionWorx/ReleaseNotes

May 5 2017

AuctionWorx 3.0 Update Rollup

The most recent build of AuctionWorx 3.0 marks the last new feature until the next version release. The following list includes some of the new features and changes over the past year that accumulates to become part of the v3.0 release. For the full list refer to the release notes section.

  • Public Q&A Messages
  • Category Specific Fees
  • Fixed Height Gallery
  • Default Browse Display
  • Homepage Content Options
  • Tax Exempt User
  • VAT Support

For a complete list please visit: www.RainWorx.com/AuctionWorx/ReleaseNotes

January 11 2016

AuctionWorx 3.0 Release Brings Many New Improvements Including Highly Requested Streaming of Real-time Listing Data Updates

The latest update includes:

  • Real-time Listing Data Updates - Watch new bids and prices increase in real time without needing to refresh your browser.
  • Asynchronous Bidding System - Optimized Performance for high capacity auctions.
  • Upload PDF Attachments to Listings - Attach important documents for all prospective bidders to download.
  • Create New Content pages - Add new pages to your website, right from within the web-based Admin Control Panel.
  • Website Maintenance Mode - Temporarily disable site access and display a message to your site visitors.
  • New Sales Report for Sellers - View all sales transactions in one place with options to filter and export to CSV.
  • Listing Drafts - Create and manage listings with minimal information that can be later updated before activating.
  • Improved Workflows for voiding incomplete sales, archiving purchased items, and new search and filter options.

For a complete list of changes, please visit: www.RainWorx.com/AuctionWorx/ReleaseNotes

November 3 2015

The official release for the next version 3.0 of AuctionWorx is coming! We are excited to share what we have been working on, including:

  • Full streaming data updates
  • Upload PDF attachments to listings
  • Improved Sales Reporting
  • Dynamically create new Content pages
  • And More!

For more information, please contact us: www.RainWorx.com/Contact