AuctionWorx Enterprise - Release Notes


Quick Bid

A great new way for bidders to quickly place bids, alongside the usual submit max bid option. A red button will be available on the main bid form, and will attempt to submit a bid for the current minimum bid amount when clicked.

Large Bid Confirmation

If a user attempts to place a bid for 100 times higher (or more) than the minimum acceptable bid amount then a popup modal will be displayed to confirm if they meant, e.g. "$100.00" or "$10,000.00", in case the bidder mistakenly forgot a decimal point.

New Event Log Filters and Search

Search by Listing ID or User to quickly audit transactions by bidder, listing, and more. Internal system logs can now be filtered by type (Information, Warning, etc) or platform area (Notifier, User, Listing, etc).

New Email Notifications for Paid Sales Invoices

When a sales invoice is paid, email notifications can be sent out to the buyer and/or seller. This allows for proper e-delivery of items such as gift certificate codes.

Realtime Updates and Improvements

Many performance and realtime data update improvements went into this release. Covering overall performance and bidding updates as well as updating pages with data updates such as My Account, Watch List and Active Bidding areas.

Next Bid Meets Reserve - Admin Option

Taxable option set per listing

Buyers Premium tax option

Added support for custom fields in Sales Invoice Report export to CSV

Change categories for draft listings


Make Offer

An option for both Auctions and Fixed Price: Accept offers from buyers to complete a sale, or counteroffer to continue the negotiation.

Facebook Login

Allow users to login with their Facebook account for authentication.

New Admin Control Panel Design

Fully Responsive and mobile-friendly design of the entire backend Administration area.

Stripe Integration

New Payment Service option for accepting credit cards with Stripe Connect API integration.

Azure SQL and Service Bus Support

Support for Azure Service Bus and Azure SQL and allows for a fully supported deployment to the Azure Cloud.

New design and header color selector

A fresh new starter design, and added a color picker to easily change the primary site color from the default.

Option to include selected User Custom Fields on Sales Invoices

Admin function to reset email templates to default content

Developers: Updated user authentication from Membership Provider to the newer Identity Framework

Developers: Project code updated to .NET 4.6.2 and VS2017


Public Q&A Messages

Category Specific Fees

Fixed Height Gallery

Browse Default Display Options

Homepage Content Options

Tax Exempt User

VAT Support

Payment Option for 3rd party sellers to accept credit cards

Print or Email multiple Sales Invoices in bulk

Display number of users watching a listing

Bulk delete unsuccessful listings

Live countdown remaining options

Always-On SSL Configuration Option

Support for custom currencies


Real-Time Listing Data Updates

Watch auctions countdown to the last second, new bids and prices increase in real time without needing to refresh your browser.

Upload PDF Attachments to Listings

Attach important documents for all prospective bidders.

Create New Content Pages

Add new pages to your website, right from within the web-based Admin Control Panel.

New Skin Designs

More available designs to choose from, all of which can be used as-is or as a starting point for completely new look and feel.

Website Maintenance Mode

Restrict all website access and display a message to your site visitors.

New Sales Report for Sellers

View all sales transactions in one place with options to filter and export to CSV.

New Gallery View

Now displays larger responsive gallery images.

Listing Drafts

Create preliminary listing drafts with partial information to be completed at a later time.

Improved Asynchronous Bidding System

Support for Time Zones

Categories and regions moved from homepage to menu option

Improved Performance

New Admin Invoice Report

Added Search and Filter Options to My Account Sections

Added New Sort, Filter, and Display Options for Browsing Listings

Buyers can now archive purchased items

Added options for sellers to void transactions or incomplete sales


Generate All Sales Invoices

The new "Create All Invoices" function, allows sellers to quickly create an invoice for each item sold, combining items to the same invoice when possible.

New Data Maintenance

An administrative function to delete closed listings and associated images based on the number of days since the listing ended. This can be scheduled to run automatically or on demand.

Starter Theme Options

Added three new Bootstrap starter themes: Default, Basic Black, and Drop-Shadow.

Additional Item Shipping Cost

An optional secondary shipping price can be applied to flat rate shipping options for instances where multiple items are combined on the same invoice.

Performance Improvements

Reduced calls to the backend database resulting in improved website performance.

Added a new CMS content area and default HTML content for the File Not Found (404) error page

The available countries and states/regions for user addresses and tax rates can now be managed from the Admin Control Panel

Email template / content can now be previewed without having to send test emails

Added “SearchListings” to Web API for developers

Removed all remaining dependencies on sessions

Added preliminary support for importing legacy rwAuction Pro user data

Admin users can now bypass all seller fees when creating listings


Mobile-friendly Responsive Design

Utilizing the popular Bootstrap 3 framework, the main site design is an optimized experience on all devices, from desktops to tablets or mobile phones.

Web Service API

Built on Web API 2 – Enable developers and external custom apps to connect to your website.

Technology Upgrade

A complete internal refresh to the latest .NET 4.5.1 / MVC 5 / Razor 2 / VS2013.

Rotate Image Tool

For when photos taken with a mobile device are uploaded with incorrect orientation.

Language Management CMS

Manage content for multiple languages within the Admin Control Panel.

Email Notifications Editor

Manage all email templates within the Admin Control Panel.

Email Notifications Editor

Manage all email templates within the Admin Control Panel.

Custom Field Permissions

Fine tune when custom fields are displayed and control the types of users who can edit them.

Listing Option Improvements

Admin settings to toggle available listing options and whether to display listing decorations on the homepage.

Print Invoices

Sales invoices and site fee invoices now have a print friendly view.

New Animated Listing Badge Option

An eye-catching sunburst animated gif can optionally be selected to overlay onto a listing thumbnail when browsing.

Touch-enabled Image Viewer

Added an image thumbnail carousel for viewing image thumbnails on the listing detail page.

Support for Reply-To, RCPT-TO, CC, and BCC added to Email Notification Service

New Admin function to upload seperate mobile site logo

New email tag to display listing images

Updated components: CKEditor, Azure, Unity, LightSpeed OR/M, jQuery, jQuery UI

Contact Us form updated to use the sender's email as the Reply-To address

Improved address workflow when adding a new credit card

Mailbox indicator is now always shown even if there are no new messages

Category item counts are now shown for View Seller's Other Listings

Removed Italic listing option

Admin function to select available Countries

Admin setting to show/hide all listing decorations on the homepage

Admin setting to enable/disable each listing option


Buyer's Premium

A purchase % fee defined by individual sellers and applied to the buyer's sales invoice.

Buyer Final Fees

Percentage of final sale price or a flat fee applied to the buyer's site fee invoice.

CSV Import Listings

Bulk upload listings along with image references from the Admin Control Panel.

Automatic Batch Payments

Schedule or manually charge credit cards for site listing fees. *Requires compatible merchant gateway

Flat Final Sale Fees

In addition to existing Final Percentage Fees; Charge flat fee amounts to sellers based on their sold listings.

Scheduled Listings

Complete control over the bidding timeframe - Select start and end dates/times for individual listings.

HTML5 Image Uploader

Mobile friendly, including iOS, image upload functionality for all modern browsers.

Event Logs

View information, warnings, and errors based on system events and major user actions.


Admin setting to upload website Favicon.

Category Content

Admin options to add custom page titles and add HTML content to specific categories

Added email form to Contact Us page

Seller setting for Default Invoice Comments

Fee options for Good ‘til Cancelled (GTC) listing durations

Custom content area display when no listings are found (Browse and Search)

Custom content area for Privacy Policy

JS Lightbox widget for viewing listing image

Default robots.txt file

Admin setting for hiding all tax related functions

Admin setting for “Buy Now“ availability alongside bids

Admin setting for proxy bidding function below reserve

Admin setting for managing currency code display

Optionally specify meta keywords & meta description for each listing category.

Admin setting to enable/disable each email notification

Admin setting to display cropped thumbnails


Good ‘Til Canceled (GTC)

Fixed price and classified listings can optionally remain active indefinitely until ended early, or in the case of fixed price listings, the quantity drops to zero.

Auto Relist

Auction listings can optionally be automatically reactivated when they expire without a winning bidder

Improved User Management

Completely rebuilt User Management with Search, Sort, Delete, Deactivate and Edit all user details.

Export User Data

Admin function for exporting user data to CSV, including filter option for email newsletter selection

Email template branding

Deploy a custom email Header & Footer for all system generated email notifications

Admin Reports

Sales Transactions and Listing Fee reports with functions to search, sort, and export to CSV

Improved SEO Support

Updated Dynamically generated meta keywords & meta description for listings and browsing categories.

Bulk Relisting

Sellers can now reactivate a number of unsuccessful closed listings all at once, keeping the original listing number.

Improved navigation with additional links and 'back' buttons on pages to enhance usability

Relist function now resets and activates existing listing and retains original ID

Admin option to require manual approval from the Admin before being able to login

Admin option to require authentication before users can view listings

Admin option to require credit cards for new user registration

Admin option to extend all active listings

Admin option to disable all credit card related functions

Admin option to show seller location on listings

Taxable shipping option on sales tax rates

Taxable checkbox for each invoice line item

Admin can now assign roles to specific users (buyer, seller, and admin permissions)

Seller preferences can now be updated when creating new listings (Payment and Tax Details)

Sellers can now archive completed successfully sold listings, hiding them from view


Classified Listings

YouTube Video Support

Auto-Extend Auctions (Sniper Protection)

Banner System

CMS Content sections: Social media, Footer and Header scripts


New Message Indicator

Azure Support


Standard Auctions

Proxy Bidding

Reserve Price

Buy Now

Configurable Bid Increments

Fixed Price Listings

Multiple Image Asynchronous Uploads

User Feedback

Internal Message System

Watch Listings

Sales Tax

Listing Fees

Sales Invoicing

Flat Rate Shipping Options

Multiple Currencies Support

Multiple Language Support

International Support

Time Zone Offset

Email Notifications and Templates

Content Management

Web Based Administrative Control Panel

Custom Fields

Single Seller Mode



Advanced Search


SSL Support

PayPal Standard Payment Support


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